Failing to plan is planning to fail..

Prior to contacting us, we recommend that homeowners determine both their specific stucco removal and painting requirements and their planned living arrangments during the renovation.  Document your options including which rooms, the approximate square footage of each and combined, floor levels, height of the ceiling(s) and whether or not the textured popcorn has been previously painted.  From a logistical viewpoint, it’s also very important to consider your timeline, whether your space will be empty of furniture and/or whether you will be occupying the space during renovations.


Let’s talk it over..

Once you’ve had a chance to document and consider the items in Step 1, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs.  We can help you approximate estimated costs, approximate scheduling and timeframes involved, develop alternatives and answer any specific questions you may have.


Leave no stone unturned..

Once you are comfortable with alternative options, time frames and estimates, we schedule a convenient time and date to visit your property to review, assess and confirm the work project to be completed and any specific challenges involved.  We also discuss specific requirements along with alternative options and make notes accordingly.


Show me the money..

Soon after visiting your property and discussing your needs, we will draft and email a formal estimate which itemizes various options, work specifications to be completed along with corresponding costs.  We believe everyone rests assured when a mutual understanding is documented.  Once the quote is accepted, we plan for Prep work.


Preparation makes perfect..

Make no mistake.  Popcorn ceiling removal is a dusty undertaking. We do our best to contain dust. Accordingly, like many things, preparation is very important.  Before the first day of the planned project, we ask property owners to (where applicable) remove all furniture and window coverings from the subject rooms.  While we understand it is not always possible to re-organize and move all spaces, the emptier the space the better.  In cases where items simply cannot be moved to an alternative area of the home, we will do our very best to cover and plastic wrap all exposed items.

On Day 1, we cover all your vents and intakes individually.  We then cover your floors using thick construction paper. All of this is taped down using “frog” tape to ensure the best seal and to prevent collateral damage to your floor finishes.  With floors protected, we move on to masking the walls if needed with plastic, again taped with frog tape.  Light fixtures are lowered last and covered tightly with plastic.


We have the Tool and know how to you use it..

Once your home has been properly prepped for popcorn ceiling removal, we start the technical process of sanding the existing stucco on your ceilings.  For this, we use the highly regarded and industry leading Festool Planex to sand the popcorn ceilings in order to achieve an even sanding of the textured stucco and to help minimize the dust created.


Let’s work out the kinks..

The first step in flattening is to determine if your ceilings are painted.  If you have non-painted stucco on your ceilings, we prime that ceiling first before any plaster is applied. If your stucco ceilings are painting, we immediately move to the flattening process.  In this step, the ceilings are inspected for humps, lines and butt joints.  These imperfections must be flattened and corrected before the skimming process can start.  In extreme cases, major butt joints or humps will require several coats in order to achieve an optimal final product.


We are smooth operators..

Once the ceilings have been flattened we skim the ceilings. In order to achieve the highest finish possible, we treat every ceiling based on its unique qualities, particularly lighting.  When required, additional coats are applied — We do not “skimp on the skim”.  Generally, for example, a closet ceiling may require as little as one coat.  In principle rooms, three coats are typical.  That said, we’ve worked on some ceilings which have required as much as six skim coats in order to achieve our high quality standards.


A stroke of genius..

Once ceilings have properly cured, we begin the priming process using only Benjamin Moore product.  Whereas many painters will simply refer to priming as the necessary step before painting, we consider it the opportunity to detect final ceiling imperfections.  We will often touch up and address the final details, which are made more apparent only after priming.  Once completely satisfied, we then begin the final process of painting…and if gone to these lengths, you can bet we take our final painting stage seriously. Again, top quality Benjamin Moore paints is the standard.  With respect to any walls, doors, trim, casing and baseboards, we leave the choice of colour up to the client and highly encourage sampling.  By the way, we rarely ‘recycle’ our rollers and brushes from project to project, and instead opt for brand new supplies in order to help ensure optimal results.


A clean home is a happy home..

As we end the final stretch of the process, you can rest assured that we will be leaving your home tidy.  Our floor protection is removed and wrapped while your floors receive a thorough wiping and vacuuming. Our garbage is always removed and disposed of.  On our larger projects, we will enlist the services of cleaners who will visit your home in order to ensure all the finer cleaning details are looked after.